Compete for Innovations

A good product and service idea is not enough to be successful on the market. Only companies that develop customer-friendly products or services from a good idea and consistently place them on the market will achieve long-term success.

Contact us for the development of an effective innovation management in the company and the expansion of innovation networks worldwide. We can offer all our services in German, English, Spanish and Arabic.

Development of competences

Service Innovation Lab Leipzig (SIL²)

intelligence for innovation (iN4iN)

Compete for innovations

Innovation processes differ from other management activities in the company, especially due to their great complexity and uncertainty. Associated with this is a high degree of resource commitment (staff and finances), so failure of innovation projects can have a serious impact on the development of a company. That is why risk minimization plays an important role in innovation processes, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our training and consulting activities aim to familiarize innovation managers in companies with the necessary management tools that allow efficient and effective management of innovation projects.

Furthermore, iN4iN network (iNtelligence for iNnovation) which was founded together with Leipzig University, offers consultancy services for research institutes, universities, innovation centers and incubators around the world in order to set up and implement concrete development projects for business incubators, innovation centers or innovation networks.




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